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For centuries, lots of beads have been made in Africa. In the same time, others manufactured in Murano, in the Netherlands, in Bohemia, in England, in Germany and in France, were brought to Africa and served as trade beads.
I discover these trade beads while I was travelling on the African continent, on the markets or when they are enviously treasured in the villages. I collected them and I offer them to you now, so that you can increase your collection or reconstitute a bit of jewels, which will be as well an ornament, a talisman, a souvenir, a pulsion… But those are always beads with stories, beads with secrets…

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Beads always interested the collectors, the African beads offer a large variety as well in time as in the places and techniques of manufacture via trade roads which furrows the remote areas (Anatolia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Egypt, etc.) these beads and their techniques were spread in other areas than Africa. The glass Masters of Murano boost this industry starting from XVe s. with african trade beads.
We will try to present in our collection beads of all these periods (from the Phénician beads or Iranian to the Venetian beads of the beginning of the XXs, passing through the Roman beads and post-roman beads or the Islamic beads). As well as beads create according to various techniques such as drawn beads, wound beads, mould?pressed beads, known by names which are already travel like: Roman beads, Medieval beads, Hebron, Mofia, Kiffa, Bodom and Akosu, Chevrons or Rosetta, Millefiori...

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